I think we can all agree that we are looking forward to this years festive break! 

No matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, the festive break is a much needed time of year for everyone. It’s a time to unwind, reflect and spend quality time with your loved ones.

For many of us creatives, the festive period usually starts in the Summer…sometimes earlier! Brands and ad agencies like to wrap up their Christmas campaigns early, which means for us supervisors spending days listening to lots of the Christmas classics whilst wearing shorts and flip flops! Check out what we did last Crimbo for Lidl Ireland

For any last minute Christmas shopping of music for campaigns, we have thousands of festive covers from commercial tracks to public domain copyrights over at Cover Sauce, why not have a look here 

Of course not everyone is looking to licence a well known Christmas cracker. Over the last decade there has been a huge uplift in licensing non traditional commercial tracks for xmas campaigns. From Aldi’s Kevin The Carrot featuring Robbie Williams to “It’s a Matalan Christmas” with Jess Glynne  and of course, the kings of this are John Lewis.

So the question is: what way will it go this year? Will people opt for library music and save money? Will brands want to add a unique creative spin and utilise a cover, giving their campaigns a sonic and memorable edge? We shall have to wait and see whats under the tree… 🎄