The 10th January 2021 marked the 5th anniversary since one of musics pioneers passed away. 

When people talk about legends of music, this mans name is undoubtedly included amongst the elite artists. David Robert Jones, AKA David Bowie, was a genius in the game. He introduced new ideas in sound, aesthetic and style and dared to dream. 

Born on January 8th 1947, the Starman finally left us in 2016, floating into outer space 2 days after his birthday. He curated his own death, releasing ‘Blackstar,’ days before his tragic farewell, a parting gift to adoring fans.

There was so much mystery around the Ziggy Stardust figure, he was difficult to pin down which made him so unique.

His music spanned decades and touched on historical moments with Space Oddity’s man on the moon, as well as the universally cherished anthem ‘Heroes’ about The Berlin Wall.

He was innovative, a culture icon and will forever be worshiped among the music industry. We have made our own Best of Bowie inspired playlist which you can check out here