Despite all the obstacles, this behemoth of a talent continued to push boundaries with the release of his unique music.

Words cannot begin to describe 2020. The world has suffered greatly, and the arts & entertainment industry has encountered an economic set back beyond belief.

However, George Barnett did not let this pandemic ruin his ambition of releasing new music. His continuous stream of releases took his profile to new heights.

His 2020 journey began back in February, with the release of his incredibly infectious anthemic rock track ‘Up All Night.’ The songs swagger and Rolling Stones call-to-arm vocals was a great way to stamp his mark for what laid in store for eager fans.

‘Up All Night’ was one of four tracks to feature on his EP ‘Bad For You,’ which was released late March through George’s new home & label AntiFragileMusic.

He was a true force to be reckoned with. His unapologetic charisma led to George being crowned Number 1 Alternative Artist on Prime Music.


But he didn’t stop there…midway through his busy schedule and this chaotic year, the London based artist decided to reinvent himself. Formerly known as ‘AKA George’ to his hardcore fans, he switched to his actual name, and thus George Barnett was re-introduced to the world.

Since then, Barnett has released two alternative tracks, switching up from his futuristic rock sound, to a more dark pop vibe. ‘I Want You,’ and ‘Parasite,’ were instant successes with his new following.

His big finale for the year came in October, which was the release of his epic EP ‘Make It Rain.’ It included the single title track, plus a cinematic spectacle take on a classic Who track ‘Baba O’Riley.’ Baba O Riley is a cover we represent through our sister company Cover Sauce.

Pure Sync are over the moon to work with such a talent. George is a prime example to upcoming artists that you can release whatever music you like, and be whatever type of artist you aspire to be.

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