In the last few years we’ve noticed a growing trend in music supervisors wanting more LGBTQ artists, and thank goodness for it! The community continues to grow, but could the music industry do more?

Over the decades, music has given birth to some incredible artists such as Elton John, Freddy Mercury, Janis Joplin and more! In this day and age, artists are widely celebrated for standing up about their sexuality and identity. For instance, Demi Lovato recently came out as non binary. 

But is there a big LGBTQ community within the walls of the industry?

2020’s UK Music Diversity Report showed under 5% of industry workers identified as being gay.

Whilst only 1.5% of people identified as being lesbian. Reports also suggest that industry folk hide their sexual preferences for fear of discrimination. 

However, Pride In Music has been launched in the last few years to support staff, artists and allies working within the music world. There seems to be an awakening, so hopefully we will see more LGBTQ workers rise to the top.

We’ve made a playlist of some of our favourite artists & songs for Pride Month, including two artists we represent who are big supporters of the LGBTQ movement, ‘Bang Bang Romeo,’ & Leee John’s ‘Imagination.’