It’s been a whole year since lockdown was introduced and our working lives changed for the foreseeable, if not forever. So how has Covid impacted the music industry?

Lockdown life has been tough to say the least and the music world has had to adapt to stay strong and united during these unprecedented times.

Our friends in the touring sector of the industry have been drastically hit by the pandemic. On the plus side though, artists have been doing more intimate shows via the virtual world for fans to enjoy from the comfort of their front room. Cosy 🙂

As a result of Brexit, the government have their work cut out to ensure that our British acts can safely tour.

Physical sales may have seen a dip but streaming numbers couldn’t be better! 2020 was a record high!

Whilst the pandemic was a grey cloud hovering over the music industry, sync & licensing was a shinning light. We for one saw an uplift in requests because agencies, brands and innovative content creators had a new captive audience. Sync continues to generate income for writer and artists signed to the majors and emerging independent commercial artists are seeking that golden sync more and more to help get their music heard by the masses.

Check out some highlights for us last year!

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