After England’s defeat in the Euro’s 2020 final, the subject of racism emerged again and all we can simply say is that it’s not acceptable!

Firstly, let us say how proud we are of the entire England Team for their incredible achievement in getting to the Euro 2020 Final and uniting our country.
It is so so sad that the subject of racism has emerged again and all we can simply say is that IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

The last 4 weeks the nation has been swept by football fever. We have been cheering on our Three Lions but sadly the Italian’s pipped us at the post… Congratulations to them and are well deserved winners.

As I’m sure you are aware with the Social and Media coverage it has received, 3 of our own received an onslaught of racial abuse online. This caused outraged with many of the population who have quite rightly shown their support to Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka in the battle against this racial discrimination.

Racism will not be tolerated. Racism has no place in football, music or anywhere for that matter. 

After a month of unity, celebration and hope, why does it have to come crashing back down?

More needs to be done. Those offenders need to be found and prosecuted. Social media also needs to be held accountable for a lot of it…But, we as a society must, must do more.